How to buy tickets?

  • Buy online: through this website. Remember to enter your email to receive the tickets and your mobile phone to get in touch with you in case of closing the Caminito for meteorological reasons.
  • Buy by telephone: 902 787 325 ( Monday to friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00)
  • Buy at the box office: limited tickets for sale at 9:00 in the morning, without reservation.

Payments will never be made by transfer, only in the case of travel agencies or authorized establishments.


How much does the ticket cost?

There are several visit options (always with the same route):

  • General ticket: 10€ for person. You do the visit by your self.
  • Guided tour: 18€ for person. Visit with group of up to 30 people and tour guide.

– Single price, without reductions by age, groups or disability

– Access expressly prohibited for children under 8

– The price of the shuttle bus is 1,55€ for person


What is the shuttle bus?

Return through the Caminito is expressly prohibited, so this bus picks up visitors at the end of the route (south) and takes them back to the car park (north zone).
You can also take the bus before doing the Caminito. In this case visitors will have to park the car in the south, and take the bus to take them to the north.

The price of the shuttle bus ir 1,55€ for person.


What documentation is needed to access the Caminito?

The necessary documentation to access the Caminito is:

  • Tickets printed or downloaded on the mobile.
  • Children must show original documentation: ID, Passport or Family Book to check their age.

What is the cancellation, exchange and / or return policy

Tickets can not be changed by date or time. Tickets can only be changed in case of closure by security for visitors due to climatological reasons, rockfall or maintenance work.
The amount of the tickets will not be refunded.


How do I know if the Caminito Closes and what should I do?

The Caminito can close for the following reasons:

  • Climatic causes: wind, rain, high temperatures.
  • Detachment of rocks.
  • Maintenance works.

In the case of closure, a sms will be sent to all visitors a day before or the same day, to inform that the Caminito has closed and could change their tickets for any date. The sms will be sent as soon as the closure of the Caminito is notified.

To change entries by closing, you must access the option “Canjeo por Cierre” in the web page and change the entries one by one, entering the bar code of each of the tickets.


Information for groups and agencies

Tickets have a single price:

  • No reductions for kids, unemployed, retired or disabled persons.
  • No reductions for groups.


You can request the registration as agency for the sale of tickets (non-commissioned) through the email:

For visits of groups of more than 20 people send an email to: